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Brian Kofi  Hollingsworth

Director at Hollingsworth& 

Brian Kofi Hollingsworth is a Graphic Designer with over 15 years experience, creating and consulting with brands big and small over the years, everything from general elections in the UK and Kenya, to barbershops, chefs, natural skin and hair products, live events, alcohol brands, charities and influencers. 


I eventually stumbled into creating content for the UK government, The Conservative Party from 2016-2019, I had dabbled in social prior but not enough to call myself a professional at it. I realised creating for social media can be very tricky, confusing and just damn hard. There’s so many platforms and formats to juggle, algorithms to understand, rules to break and it all changes and updates every three months actually every month, phew.


I love it! I love keeping up with the news and I love educating people how o use the tool that is social media to market and brand themselves effectively.


Brands whether personal or corporate need longevity in an ever changing landscape, where user behaviours change quicker than Beyonce on a world tour.

I believe social media is everyone’s opportunity to show the world what you can do and not just tell people like back in the day when you had when you had your life written on paper, now your worth is digital, you can use it to qualify yourself whether you’re running a business or looking for a job, I believe this is where you make it.

My Mission

To educate creators to brand and market themselves by utilising the most relevant platforms.