Clubhouse comes to Android | The Social Update Ep. 42

Instagram stories caption sticker

Instagram stories gets more accessible as they release the closed captions sticker to everyone, which was previously only in their messaging app Threads. They are also looking to collate all the videos you post including IGTV into a single tab on your profile.

Instagram prompt sticker

Instagram is also working on a ‘Prompt’ sticker which looks like it’s about allowing people to reshare or participate in what you want them to do. Instagram live is getting a lot of upgrades in the past year due to the influx of use, so they are working on allowing you to schedule a live, this’ll be a great addition to the format hopefully you’ll be able to link it to stories and even feed posts.

Twitter spaces official launch

Twitter officially take on Clubhouse and launch Twitter spaces to everyone with over 600 followers and they are also working on scheduling and ticketing.

Clubhouse on android

Clubhouse has finally launched on Android, US only but will roll out to other English speaking countries in the next months, the question is, is it too late as every platform launch their own.

Snapchat creators marketplace

Snapchat are looking to help creators and brands connect with the announcement of a marketplace that will carer to AR creators first then expand to creators and influencers to be able to make brand deals