Instagram allows you to hide likes | The Social Update Ep. 45

Hide your Instagram Likes

After two years of testing Instagram, since 2019 now allows everyone to hide their likes from others as well as not see likes on other peoples posts. They’ve been seeing if would affect the way people use Instagram, a lot of people loved the idea of be able to hide likes for mental health reasons among others, a lot of people didn’t because they like the metric and it helps them gauge popular posts as well Working with brands. So why the sudden switch? When likes have been such a high focus point on the app since it launched in 2010.

Instagram Insights for Reels and Live

Instagram have also finally released insights for Reels and Live

Instagram 21 Under 21 Reels Creators

Instagram is also trying to take out Tik Tok. By highlighting the top 21 Reels creators under 21, by teaming up with Guap Magazine, with five established lead creators: Henrie Kwushue, Harry Pinero, James Lewis, Gully Guy Leo, Cakeface RJ, and GUAP magazine to discover the most exciting emerging young voices on Instagram Reels in the UK. Each represents one of five, youth-led subcultures from music, sport, art, fashion and makeup.

Twitter Spaces comes to desktop

Twitter Spaces finally comes to desktop and they are moving faster than Clubhouse, who just released their android version. Now this makes its much more convenient to listen to a live space at home versus just on your phone and having a personal experience.