Instagram announce creator monetisation features | The Social Update Ep. 41

Creators monetisation features

The head of Instagram Adam Mosseri went live with Mark Zuckerberg to talk about adding more tools to help Instagram creators make more money from their audience, brands and their content.

They outlined three features:

* Creator shops

* Affiliates

* Creator marketplace

They want to create a creators middle class. Not a world where all the big creators get huge sums and the rest get crumbs.

I think it’s a new era for Instagram and creators, it’s growing up and now becoming a place where you’ll be able to make a living much more easier. I went into more detail about here

Instagram Reels Stitch

They also aren’t done copying Tik Tok features and are working on the stitch feature where you can essentially edit someones video with yours. It’s a really big feature of Tik Tok and really creative should be good for creators on Instagram Instagram are also working on a collaborative post, there isn’t much details on it yet but sounds very interesting.

Go Instagram Live with no video

All the apps are now copying Clubhouse and Instagram are no different so they just launched a feature on Live whee you can turn off your camera and mute yourself, which not only competes with Clubhouse but Zoom as well this will definitely take the pressure off from going live.

Get tipped on Twitter

Twitter announced a few weeks ago that they want to increase their revenue as well as monthly active users, so they will be rolling out monetisation features very soon one of those will be tips and you’ll be able to tip tweeters from their profile.

Linkedin Learning hub

Due to the pandemic a lot of people have lost their jobs and may want to up skill and Linkedin want to help so they will be launching a learning hub and using their data of their 750m+ users to suggest the best things to lear for your career.