Instagram launch affiliates | The Social Update Ep. 467

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Instagram Creators Week

Instagram have their first annual creator week which featured their top creator like rapper Saweetie and comedian Majimbo, it was a great time and great insight. They also announced affiliates so creators can make money easier by tagging brand products in their posts and other features like creator profile shops and linking your business profile shop to your creator profile and finally you can get paid bonuses from Instagram for completing tasks like going live for more than 15 minutes.

Instagram camera search

They are also working on another Snapchat copy cat, camera search, you’ll soon be able to take or upload a picture and Instagram will give you shopping options for clothes

Facebook smartwatch

Facebook smartwatch anyone? Didn’t think so, they are releasing a smartwatch for summer 2022 with two cameras for live streaming and video calling. More details soon.

Twitter banned in Nigeria

The Nigerian president Buhari, has banned Twitter because they deleted one of his tweets and made his account read-only for 12 hours. They say he violated their guidelines for an abusive tweet.

Tik Tok is uncancelled

Remember when Trump wanted to ban Tik Tok in the US they have Nowa cancelled that, which we all knew would happen to be honest