Instagram to give out money for good Reels | The Social Update Ep. 44

Instagram wants to give creators money for Reels

Instagram really really really want us to use Reels, they are now setting up bonus payments for creators who get a lot of views on Reels, they are copying this straight out of Snapchats play book they did this when they launched their Tik Tok competitor Spotlight. Will this make people create more Reels? Is it enough to fight off Tik Tok?

Facebook launch Live Shopping Fridays

Facebook is turning into QVC with Live Shopping Fridays they are testing it with a handful of brands over a few weeks, then eventually roll it out to the public so anyone can go live and present their products that should be able to be bought right then and there on the platform. Selling products live is a way to gee much more authentic and engaging versus a pre recorded video.

Twitter launch scheduled Spaces and work on ticketing

Twitter added a feature that Clubhouse already had, which is scheduling and is heavily working on ticketed spaces. The critters for tickled spaces is 1000 followers and hosted 3 spaces within 30 days with no violations. Clubhouse is also working on ticketed rooms so this should be a great way for live audio hosts and clubs to make money from their content.

Snapchat Partner Summit

Snapchat just had their Partner Summit a lot of news was spoken about but two notable features were business profiles and creator gifts. Currently there are creator profiles but business profiles promise a whole lot more for businesses.Key features of a Public Profile include:

  • Public Stories: Share what's happening in your world, from behind the scenes to daily activities

  • AR Lenses: Publish Lenses to your Profile

  • Highlights: Permanently showcase your best Public Snaps, Stories, photos, and videos.

  • Native Store: Link your US-based Shopify store on your Profile so Snapchatters can browse, try-on, and buy through the “Shop” feature

Pinterest launch their version of Stories

Pinterest also launch Stories, sorry Idea Pins, the same concept of Stories but mire native to Pinterest and targeted at creators and businesses, the tool seem very good as they have been testing these for several months. Unlike traditional stories these won’t disappear alert 24 hours but rather live on your profile.