Upload to Instagram from desktop | The Social Update Ep. 43

Add pronouns to your Instagram profile

Instagram gets even more inclusive and allow you to add up to four pronouns to your profile, which can also be hidden for your followers to view only.

Instagram Live video insights are coming

They are also finally working live video insights which we need again they are betting on video which is good for creators.

Instagram desktop upload

They are also working on allowing us to upload to desktop alert 10 years of being an app.

Youtube Shorts $100m Creators fund

Youtube just made Shorts available to everyone in the US and India and is going in full force against Tik Tok by creating a $100m creators fund just for Shorts and creators who get the most views, is it enough to slow Tik Tok down and put a dent to their growth.

Twitter Blue premium

Twitter are really coming hard with monetisation features this time its for a better Twitter experience, for $3 a month just like YouTube premium. Sounds like a great idea to me for a great price.

Pinterest test live video

Pinterest test live video for their 3 day conference as well as for 21 Pin creators that produce food content.